Nature is our vault of materials and imagination. Tailoring the finest kitchens means letting exquisite materials tell their story.

Permanence and aesthetics

Wood is a living material that ages beautifully. We offer the customer the opportunity to be a part of the entire process – from sketch to finished product – creating something to be enjoyed for many, many years. By focusing on durability, we reduce the ecological footprint. A kitchen or an interior from Hamran will last for generations.

We perceive wooden materials as inherently beautiful, and always aim to use the entire tree. This has an environmental aspect, but also an aesthetic one. Every piece of wood has its own history; growth rings, knots and different shades of colour give life to the finished result, bringing nature into the home or the workplace. Variation and irregularities introduce aesthetic possibilities different from those of man-made materials, both visually and tactilely.

Accommodation through dialogue

At Hamran we believe in spending time with the customer, exchanging ideas about designs and materials, and how to adapt these ideas to the room. Through dialogue, we learn how to merge practical and aesthetic requirements. The customer has the final word, but we will gladly give expert advise throughout the process, doing our best to accommodate every wish.

Everyone is welcome to pay us a visit at Snartemo, where one can both see and touch the materials we use, experience the carpentry and learn how we shape ideas into finished projects. Please contact us for an appointment.

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At Hamran, sustainability means bringing the strength of nature into our everyday lives, connecting us with our Nordic heritage.

Norwegian craftsmanship since 1930

Everything we make is produced locally at Snartemo. We are proud artisans, and we always seek to let the customer benefit from everything we have learned about the properties and possibilities of wood. At Hamran, knowledge, craftsmanship, and experience meet modern engineering. We bring history into the future.

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Enduring quality

Nowadays many people opt to eschew the ephemeral, yearning for practical solutions that can withstand wear and tear. They want safe, solid, beautiful rooms that do not need constant upkeep. And this is where Hamran come in: We want to create well-thought-out environments for people, environments that future generations can also live and prosper in.

Made By Wood

Made By Wood is a collaboration between Hamran and  another Norwegian woodworking company, Meling. We have a design studio and showroom in Oslo where we offer visitors insight into our projects and how we work on them. It also displays the works of our two collaborators.


At Made By Wood, architects, interior architects, contractors, construction companies, and interested individuals are equally welcome.