With the "Sanke" kitchen collection, we at Hamran take one step back and two steps forward. In collaboration with designer Andreas Engesvik, we have developed a kitchen that is light - both in terms of weight, expression and climate footprint.

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The kitchen is also easy to set up, and is particularly suitable for cabins and holiday homes, where it can often be difficult to access with heavier wooden structures.

"Sanke" can be brought into the boat and brought up yourself in a few hours. It is flexible. It is unproblematic to move if the need arises.

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Precise simplicity

Before kitchen solutions were standardized, people built what they needed with the materials they had on hand. Same here: As with the other things Hamran makes, "Sanke" is built with southern wood - pine in this case - and with a special eye for detail.

Because when you produce a kitchen with wooden rails in the drawers, the work must be carried out precisely.

We have also challenged ourselves to use a minimum of materials. The open construction – a matrix of vertical arches – means that nothing is hidden. We can show what we have done. And that's the way we like it.


Back to the future

A beautiful, Norwegian-built kitchen made of solid wood, a good knife, a durable frying pan and some sturdy pots - not much is needed. We at Hamran want to promote a new production and craft culture where old knowledge meets modern techniques.

Let's let the nature we surround ourselves with inspire us to create things that we can fall in love with. Then we don't have to constantly buy new ones, and we don't have to throw away something that wasn't good enough in the first place. Sometimes looking back can show us a healthier and simpler way forward.