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Control Measures

We perform control measurements on-site before production starts. Any discrepancies/new conditions will then be discussed with the customer in advance of production if it entails changes to the original floor plan. Measurements must be taken 8 weeks prior to the delivery date. Carpenters or customers conducting their own measurements will be responsible for their accuracy.

Appliances and Countertop

If the customer purchases appliances or countertops from a supplier other than Hamran, it is at their own risk. We charge extra for drafting these in. In cases of incorrect ordering/delivery that causes waiting for the installer, this will be billed per hour. In these cases, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the power and electrical work are set up correctly. When purchasing appliances and countertops through Hamran, we create technical drawings, coordinate delivery, installation, and possible claims. To ensure that the countertop is fitted as accurately as possible, we usually need to measure for the countertop after the kitchen is installed. In these cases, please note that the countertop will not be delivered with the kitchen but will be delivered within 10 days after the kitchen is installed and the measurement has been made.

Delivery and Assembly

The delivery week specified in the order means that the kitchen can be delivered any time from Monday to Friday, and that installation normally begins the day after delivery. Hamran will contact you in advance to arrange the exact day and time for delivery and start of assembly. It will also be clarified if assistance is needed for bringing items in, floor protection, and garbage collection. Delivery is considered complete when the kitchen has arrived at the customer's location and is unloaded from the transport vehicle. If carrying in is agreed upon, the kitchen is considered delivered when it is placed at the specified location. For customer pickups, the kitchen is considered delivered when it is made available to the customer at the agreed time. Upon delivery, the risk of accidental damage transfers to the customer. This also applies if Hamran is to perform assembly as part of the agreement. The installer maintains close communication with the seller during the installation process. If errors or defects arise, they are reported immediately to production for rectification. If the installation work is interrupted due to conditions on the customer’s side (e.g., other craftsmen's work, etc.), the time spent will be billed. If the customer chooses to assemble or hire another installer, an installation guide will be billed at NOK 1,050 per hour.

Preparations – Customer’s Responsibility

Floor and other fragile surfaces must be well covered before delivery to prevent damage. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that technical installations such as pipes, electricity, and ventilation are laid out according to the technical drawing from Hamran. Extra work resulting from not following our drawings will be invoiced to the customer. Before the installer arrives, the plumber must have laid up water and drainage pipes at the sink, and at any other places where water is to be connected. The plumber must return after installation to connect water, mixers, etc. Before the installer arrives, the electrician must have set up power for the various appliances, as well as for sockets and points. The carpenter prepares the room with battens at the correct height according to the technical drawing from Hamran. As for the caulking of countertops against the wall, this is a task that we do not perform.

Inspection upon Receipt of Delivery

When Hamran is not responsible for the installation of the delivery, we make you as a customer aware that you are responsible for inspecting the received delivery for any transport and carrying-in damages. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer must check that all packaging is intact and undamaged. Should this not be the case, it is important that the customer ensures that the carrier notes on the waybill «damaged packaging» before you acknowledge receipt. The packaging should then be removed as soon as possible to reveal any hidden damages. If any sign of damage is discovered, you must without undue delay, and within 3 days at the latest, notify us of any damages so that we can file a claim with the transport company. If this is not done, you as a customer risk having to pay for fixing the damage/new product.


Changes to drawings and material choices can be made up to 12 weeks before the delivery week. After this, one must expect additional costs for changes. If the delivery date is changed when it is closer than 12 weeks to the agreed delivery, and the change amounts to more than 5 working days, an additional cost of 5% of the order sum will incur. In addition, there will be an extra storage cost of NOK 2,000 per week.


Upon cancellation of a confirmed order, the customer will be billed for incurred costs/time spent.

Payment Terms

50% is due for payment 8 weeks before the agreed delivery, 40% is due for payment 1 week before the agreed delivery, 10% is due for payment 10 days after completion.

Materials and Maintenance

Solid wood

Solid wood is a natural and living material that may slightly change in appearance, color, and shape over time. This is perfectly normal and a natural process, as the wood reacts differently to the various seasons we experience. This is largely due to humidity levels both outside and inside the house. Therefore, one should take care that solid wood panels/fronts are not exposed to significant temperature differences, or to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. For instance, very short distances to heat pumps or convection heaters, which blow/emit heat directly onto the product, can lead to more changes than otherwise. So, even if the Hamran product delivered was made correctly and flawlessly according to carpentry guidelines, significant humidity and temperature differences can cause cracks in glue joints, and fronts/panels to change color and shape.

Untreated woodwork

Untreated wood is more susceptible to stains and impacts. The wood will also be more mobile. We recommend using natural green soap that contains less water and more soap/fat substances. Once treated, the surface should have a light layer of fat. The soap can act as a surface treatment, giving the wood a silk matte finish and creating a protective film against stains, dirt, and sunlight. When we deliver untreated wood, we water stain it first. Even with water staining and sanding by us, fiber raising may occur after washing or water spills. One can then lightly sand with fine-grit sandpaper in the direction of the wood fibers.

Cleaning and general maintenance for our fronts and countertops:

We recommend cotton cloths for all surfaces including lacquered, oiled, untreated, and painted surfaces. Microfiber cloths can scratch the finish and cause veneers to lift. This also applies to countertops in wood, natural stone, steel, and composite.

Maintenance of oiled surfaces

We emphasize the importance of maintaining oiled surfaces to protect the wood and maintain its current appearance as well as possible over time. Please see our maintenance routines at www.hamran.no

NCS colors

All colors are influenced by: type of paint, substrate, application method, and lighting. The same color can be perceived differently due to these factors. NCS codes with an 'S': There is an approved standard that everyone should follow. Hamran guarantees that the color is within the tolerances measured against this standard. Minor shade differences may occur in some colors. Hamran cannot guarantee color uniformity with other manufacturers. NCS codes without an 'S': These are codes without any approved standard. Hamran cannot guarantee that the color will be without shade differences compared to the color sample. Shade differences may occur. Hamran cannot guarantee color uniformity with other manufacturers.


Linoleum is made from linseed oil, resin, and cork. This is mixed with color pigment and applied to coarse burlap. Linoleum is relatively soft and is often replaced by various plastic materials today. A neutral cleaning agent (PH neutral) diluted in water is recommended to not remove the moisture from the material.

Solid wood/worktop

For a worktop depth of 600 mm, one should expect a plate movement of +/- 5 mm in depth and 0.5 mm in thickness. The plate movement increases with deeper plates.

Composite stone

Composite is a quartz-based material that is homogeneous, non-porous, and with an extra hard surface. The surface is available in glossy and matte. Dark composite plates show more grease marks and dust than lighter plates.

Maintenance of composite countertops:

Composite stone requires regular cleaning to maintain its surface. Use a damp cotton cloth (not microfiber). Most stains can be removed with water and a bit of dish soap. Use a detergent without abrasives or bleach. It's recommended to wipe up spills immediately.

Natural stone

Countertops made of natural stone are created over millions of years. Hence, they have various stone types, and each countertop has its unique expression formed by nature's influence. Almost all types of natural stone will have small holes and cracks created by nature under great pressure and intense heat. There may also be small spots of multiple colors and color variations in the layers, which means there can be significant color differences within the same slab. Large patterns may also appear due to stones being compressed together, fossils, or veins of different sizes running in various directions. These are not manufacturing defects, but natural variations. On all matte polished surfaces of natural stone, there will be marks from the last sanding block before polishing, and this cannot be avoided.

Maintenance of natural stone countertops:

All natural stone has a porous surface. A polished granite is more resistant to food and liquids than a matte-sanded limestone or marble. To protect a stone countertop, it is important that the plate is saturated. It is especially important at the beginning that the plate receives the right care product right after use. To saturate a natural stone countertop, we recommend using Akemi anti-stain. This saturates pores and small cracks in the plate and hardens against stains from fat, oil, and water. Repeat the treatment about 3-4 times during the first couple of months. Be aware that natural stone like marble and limestone does not tolerate acid and can become discolored if exposed to it.


Is made from natural minerals and may vary slightly in structure/color nuances/crystal structure, etc. Single-colored dark matte dekton; here, grease marks are significantly more visible than on other types of dekton. It requires a higher frequency of cleaning to keep the plate looking nice. All stains can be washed away. Do not use paper when cleaning.


Light granite slabs; require sealing to prevent discoloration from food, grease, red wine, etc.

Countertops in stainless steel, annealed steel, copper, and brass

During daily use of countertops in stainless steel, copper, and brass, minor streaks and marks that are not removed by cleaning will appear. This is normal, and over time the plate will develop a uniquely beautiful patina. Annealed steel countertops must be oiled once a month to prevent rusting.

Burnished brass and oxidized steel:

Here, the surface may change over time. Countertops with a plywood core cannot withstand hot pots being placed directly on the surface, as there is a risk that the glue will give way.

Maintenance of metal material countertops.

The plates are cleaned with a wrung-out cotton cloth. They can then be wiped off with a clean and dry cotton cloth to achieve a shinier surface. They must not be wiped off with alcohol or similar substances as this can cause the surface to withstand less resistance or alter its appearance.


Corian is a durable, non-porous, and solid-colored product that beyond daily cleaning does not require additional maintenance. With daily use, scratches and marks will occur. These will be more visible on dark surfaces.

Maintenance of Corian:

Use a wrung-out cloth with dish soap. A microfiber cloth can be used here to remove stains.

Retention of title

The seller has a retention of title to the delivered goods until the purchase price, including interest and costs, is fully paid, in accordance with the Chattel Mortgage Act §§ 3-14 to 3-24. After due date, a delay interest of 9.25% is calculated in accordance with the Late Payment Interest Act § 2.

Price Adjustment

For contracts extending more than 3 months into the future, it is stipulated that prices may increase in accordance with the Statistics Norway's construction cost index for residential buildings, which is available on the Statistics Norway website https://www.ssb.no/en/prices-and-price-indexes/construction-cost-indices/statistics/construction-cost-index-for-residential-buildings.

Force Majeure

Should an extraordinary situation beyond the control of the parties occur, making it impossible to fulfill the obligations under this agreement, which according to Norwegian law is considered force majeure, the other party should be notified as quickly as possible. The affected party's obligations are suspended for as long as the extraordinary situation persists. The other party's counterpart performance is suspended for the same period. In force majeure situations, the counterpart may only terminate the agreement with the affected party's consent, or if the situation persists or is expected to last more than 90 calendar days from the date the situation occurs, and then only with 15 calendar days' notice. In connection with force majeure situations, the parties have a mutual duty to inform each other about all circumstances that are presumed to be of significance to the other party. Such information should be provided as quickly as possible.

Purchase Agreement

The buyer enters into an agreement based on the offer and 3D drawings of the interior, and simultaneously commits to familiarize themselves with the points above before the start of production. The agreement is final. Therefore, check the drawings and the order confirmation carefully! Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer is responsible for ensuring that all necessary public and private legal permits for Hamran's delivery are available in due time. Hamran is not responsible for missing or inadequate permits.

Contact Information

Questions and comments regarding this privacy statement can be directed to hamran@hamran.no or in writing to the address below:

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