We at Hamran are proud to be able to help restore respect for the southern oak, and to make the management of the local forest increasingly sustainable.

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Bringing everything along

After many years of experimenting with different techniques for drying and further processing the oak trunks, we have now reached the point where we can make use of the whole tree. There is no longer any contradiction between creating a premium product and ensuring that all the oak is used appropriately – that is, to create beautiful things that last for generations. The newest addition to the Hamran family is the Vandre kitchen system.

The Vandre collection has been developed in-house and is produced at Snartemo. The design has taken place in a community of ideas and work where people with different skills come together.

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A kitchen and a furniture piece

Until now, all our kitchens have been built on site, and we will continue to offer that solution. With the Vandre collection, however, we have designed a modular system, where the different parts are independent and can be used independently of each other.

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Local butterflies

The Vandre collection is produced in locally harvested solid oak. It consists of a minimum of materials and joints, and gives an open and honest expression. Here, form follows function – nothing is superfluous. We've even removed the hull sides, as the solid construction is self-supporting without them. The drawers are constructed as one box, and as in the furniture collection Under, we have taken up again the old but superb technique of butterfly joints. The cabinet fronts are made from three separate oak panels that are glued together for maximum strength and stability.

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Living knots

The Vandre collection stands in a gap between a modern, light aesthetic and a traditional frugality, where we make sure to utilize the resources we have at our disposal at all times. We move away from fleeting trends and seek something timeless, something natural. Like the twig in the tree. It is not something we need to hide away, but something that creates contrast and dynamism. Together with the smooth and rough natural stone we use for sinks and on worktops, the result is something tangible, real and lasting. Something where the whole tree gets its due.