Nature nourishes the senses and reminds us of
where we come from

For Hamran, sustainability is about bringing nature into everyday life. Sustainability and the use of local wood become even more important than before. The best tree is the tree we can harvest ourselves; everything we create in solid oak now comes from the forests of Southern Norway.


Southern Oak

Durable, resistant, and beautiful. The rich tannic acid in oak makes it ideal for long-lasting use, like wine barrels that endure for centuries. Burned oak posts stand firmly in the earth for centuries.

In the South of Norway, the proud oak thrives, unrivaled in furniture, kitchens, interiors, and outdoor use. Here, the acorns fall, and the story begins.

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A slow material

Hamran collaborates with local forests and sawmills, patiently waiting for the dense oak. Time transforms it into a beautiful glow and silver sheen. A slow material, oak dries to its full beauty.


Into the forest

The Under collection was born from the vision of using locally harvested oak. Trond Hamran himself sought out the finest specimens in the Agder forest and wrote a new chapter in Hamran's history. We now prioritize locally harvested hardwood to prevent the waste of Norwegian hardwood and showcase our sustainable approach. Oak is the most sustainable Norwegian wood species we use.

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A chair is also a tree

Local timber is beneficial for the climate, as the tree absorbs CO2 both during growth and as a finished product. Our production is environmentally friendly, without harmful substances and energy-efficient.

We combine old techniques with new and more efficient methods. Our focus on long-lasting durability minimizes the overall environmental footprint.